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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Custom Eyes Concepts Helps South Side Kustoms Fight Breast Cancer

SSK and CEC3D get together again, this time for s good cause. SSK is offering their Untouchable Bobber production custom line, as a special edition for the Real Divas Ride Breast Cancer Fund. Unfortunately SSK didn't have any Untouchable left on the showroom floor so how were they going to show the special model? In steps CEC3D. We recreated the entire bike in virtual 3D, in all it's glory with the Breast Cancer paint and emblems. This was he classic visualization scenario that CEC3D specializes in. With the 3D recreation looking as real as can be, SSK can promote the bike without having to lay out bucks to build a show bike. CEC3D's work acts as their donation to the fund, with over 300 hrs devoted to the 3D recreation and we won't tell you how much that is in dollars.

Siemens Entrusts The 'Siemens Electric Chopper' To Metal Mafia Customs.

So one day, a trailer pulls up and low and behold, the Seimens crew is at John St. Clair's door at Metal Mafia Customs. You may recall the episodes of American Chopper that featured the build of the Siemens Electric Chopper. Worth a whopping, a lot of money, the Siemens Electric Chopper must be handled with care and only by true professionals. John St. Clair's reputation obviously preceeds him, as Metal Mafia Customs was elected by the Siemens crew to be that pro shop. Below are a few snapshots of the bike at metal Mafia Customs and the MMC crew.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year

Well a new year has come finally. With God's blessings this one may be better then the last but that remains to be seen. ProCorp Customs experienced a lot of difficulties last year due primarily to the rough economy and everyone going belly up like beached whales. It has been a sad thing to watch so many fall off the ladder. Some have passed away and others we're caught off guard.

Since last year, Callahan Custom Cycles has exited the partnership as both ProCorp and Callahan had to focus their energies on singular projects. It's been hard enough getting these projects off the ground, let alone to do multiples at the same time. If you are not aware, they are the project managers of the SoHe2.comWebsite and Bike Giveaway. Bo Asciu at Custom Eyes Concepts was originally hired to design the bike which can be seen at the CEC3D website, CEC3D.

The builder and painter that has been doing the paint of the Callahans bikes, has taken over the role of the builder in ProCorp Customs and hopes to jump the economic hurdle with less resistance then Callahan was met with. Not having any major projects going, Metal Mafia Customs believes they can take the Las Vegas bike project on and accomplish the goals.

Let's see what happens this year. Sponsorships are welcome and honestly, needed. Call Bo Asciu at Custom Eyes Concepts for more information about becoming a sponsor of ProCorp Customs projects, at 917-402-8226.

Peace out!
Bo Asciu

Saturday, July 25, 2009

8 Ball Manufacturing Gets In On The Action

Sometimes, a little part can hold up the entire train.
This week was a race to reconvene and rethink our build process. One of the major components of the bike is the custom swing arm, fabricated by Brad Ruel's right hand man, Craig. Brad had taken the lead on creating the swingarm and was having all the little shafts and bearings machined specially for this project. Unfortunately we lost Brad smack dab in the middle of the fab, so, the swing arm had to be rethought. With that done, only two things stood in the way of getting it done; axleblocks.

Doubly unfortunate, the axle-blocks in Brad's inventory for his own frames, didn't fit the design of the PitBoss and the flow of the shape of the swing-arm design chosen for it. Hark,
8 Ball Manufacturing comes to the rescue. Though axle-blocks are often overlooked pieces of a custom build, 8 Ball Mfg sports a cool design the flows with curvy frames and has characteristics that create exceptional welding benefits. The arrowhead shape of the front of the blocks requires that the swing-arm's tubes, or if machined billet is used, the point of contact with the axle-blocks must be cut to a female version of the axle-block's shape. This shape creates a larger surface area for welding and hence, a stronger join at a critical point.

ProCorp Customs partner and owner of Custom Eyes Concepts, Bo Asciu, has been doing business with and long since become friends with John J., owner of 8 Ball Mfg and chief frame guru. Bo also created the website and continues to produce much of 8 Ball's print and web work. John has been such a sport to go as far as to help Bo with some of his prototyping in his alternative fuels venture, by giving up hours and bucks worth of machining, all in the name of the cause.

James Callahan stated "it means alot to us that 8 Ball Mfg came through so quickly and willingly. There nice axle-blocks and even though they are only axle-blocks, the whole build is being held up without them. 8 Ball Mfg came through at a critical time with a critical part. Thanks John!". The project has one last frontier to cross now and that's getting those classy, sassy wheels sponsored.... hmmmm. Any takers?

Stay tuned as the PitBoss comes to life!
The ProCorp Customs Team

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moving Forward

There's an old saying, "the show must go on" and in the case of the Vegas bike, the PitBoss, the saying couldn't be more applicable. Moving forward, the project takes on a tribute to Brad Ruel and not in a somber way, but rather in celebration of his life. We'll keep everyone updated as the week progresses on the build and the situation overall. It's all so intense!
Meanwhile, while you wait for the real thing to emerge from the shop of the late great Brad Ruel, take a gander at this 360ยบ animation of the virtual PitBoss in full 3D!! Isn't technology great?
Don't forget, write it down somewhere, you could win this bike!!! Ride on!
The ProCorp Customs Team