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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Custom Eyes Concepts Helps South Side Kustoms Fight Breast Cancer

SSK and CEC3D get together again, this time for s good cause. SSK is offering their Untouchable Bobber production custom line, as a special edition for the Real Divas Ride Breast Cancer Fund. Unfortunately SSK didn't have any Untouchable left on the showroom floor so how were they going to show the special model? In steps CEC3D. We recreated the entire bike in virtual 3D, in all it's glory with the Breast Cancer paint and emblems. This was he classic visualization scenario that CEC3D specializes in. With the 3D recreation looking as real as can be, SSK can promote the bike without having to lay out bucks to build a show bike. CEC3D's work acts as their donation to the fund, with over 300 hrs devoted to the 3D recreation and we won't tell you how much that is in dollars.

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